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Program Name
Life Choices Day Hab Central Middlesex
Agency Office
9D Forbes Road
Woburn , MA 01803
Program Type
Dayprogram types definition
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Organizational Type
Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Accessibility Features
Able to serve clients in their wheelchair , Accessible Parking, Accessible Public Transportation, Accessible Restrooms, Wheelchair Ramps
Neil Wyatt
Case Management, Community Based Day Program, Day Activity, In-program Transportation, Self-Advocacy, Self-Advocacy – Health and Safety, Self-Advocacy – Leadership, Self-Advocacy – Life Skills, Skills Training, Socialization Activities
Populations Served
Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum, Blind, Brain/Head Injury, Developmental Disability, Intellectual Disabilities
Eligibility Requirements
MassHealth funding & DDS eligibility


Life Choices is an innovative Day Hab now located in Wakefield, Woburn and Beverly. Participants are grouped by age, interest and needs and each track of the program has a formal curriculum. The Health and Well Being Track includes the following components:
Sports and Fitness The sports and fitness program is designed so that everyone can participate and get healthy! Programs are planned so that each participant can set individual goals and work on improving their strength and stamina, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Some examples of fitness classes are: Walking Club, Yoga/Tai Chi, Strength Training, Sports and Games, and Aquatics. The Arc utilizes local YMCA facilities for many of our classes.

Nutrition The nutrition program focuses on nutrition awareness and healthy eating habits. Emphasis is placed on learning how to make healthy choices for your diet and how to plan, shop and prepare a simple meal. Some examples of nutrition classes are: Healthy Meal Planning, Shopping, and Basic Cooking, and Kitchen and Food Safety.

Self Awareness The self awareness program focuses on promoting the well being of each individual by improving personal hygiene, body image, self esteem, and social awareness. Some examples of our self awareness classes are: Health and Beauty, Healthy Relationships, Self Advocacy, and Human Rights and Dignity


Client Information

Staff to Client Ratios
7 clients to every 1 staff person
Age Range of Clients
22 years to 99 years
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