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Wraparound Family Services

General Info

Program Name
Enhanced Family Support for Adults – SSQUAL-10
Agency Office
29 Academy St
Arlington, MA 02476
Program Type
Supportprogram types definition
Business Filing Type
Organizational Type
Accessibility Features
Accessible Parking, Accessible Restrooms
James Benn
Case Management, Family Support
Populations Served
Developmental Disability, Intellectual Disabilities
Eligibility Requirements
DDS eligibility


Enhanced family support (SSQUAL-10) is a program within the Dept of Developmental Services for families of children with significant developmental disabilities who are living at home. These families receive ‘enhanced’ family support allocations for in home services provided by a DDS approved agency, such as WFS. Families first choose a provider agency to manage their SSQUAL funding and then work with their provider agency to determine an annual budget of supports within the DDS guidelines. The program allows for a variety of individualized supports, including in home staffing, respite, and flexible reimbursements up to $3,000; though it should be noted that families with AFC (Adult Foster/Family Care) funding cannot currently access respite or flexible funding stipends through SSQUAL. The hourly rate for each service through the SSQUAL program is set by DDS and is considered to be “all-inclusive” of agency administrative fees. In addition, all staff paid through the SSQUAL program must be employees of the provider agency.

The SSQUAL program works well for families who have previously been served through the DESE DDS project. Currently, all our families served through the SSQUAL program were former DESE DDS participants who have aged out at 22.


Client Information

Staff to Client Ratios
1 clients to every 1 staff person
Age Range of Clients
18 years to 65 years

Towns Served


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