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Program Name
Advocates Brain Injury Services – Money Follows the Person
Agency Office
1881 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01701
Program Type
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Organizational Type
Transportation options
Program vans
Hours of Operation
24/7 Residential Services
Accessibility Features
Wheelchair Ramps, Elevators, Accessible Parking, Accessible Restrooms, Able to serve clients in their wheelchair
Karen Williams
Case Management, Skills Training
Populations Served
Brain/Head Injury
Eligibility Requirements
Advocates Brain Injury Services are open to adults age 18 and older with acquired or traumatic brain injury.


Money Follow s the Person is  an eligibilty / funding source for our brain injury supports. 


Advocates Brain Injury Services are open to adults age 18 and older with acquired or traumatic brain injury. Payment options include Mass Health, ABI Waiver, private insurance, private pay, settlement, and workers compensation, among other options.

Applicants who have been a resident of a nursing home for more than 90 days, or are approved on the ABI/MFP Waiver are accepted.

Please call our staff to discuss your needs and financial options.

Advocates Brain Injury Services support adults with acquired or traumatic brain injuries so that they can lead full and meaningful lives in the community. Our range of residential and community supports help each person achieve the greatest level of independence at each stage of recovery. We emphasize helping people actively engage in the communities where they live through recreational, vocational, educational, and social pursuits.

All supports are provided by direct care staff, nurses, and case managers with specialized training and expertise in brain injuries. We take time to consider each person’s unique needs and goals, and we work collaboratively with those we support to customize a plan that works best for each individual.


Client Information

Staff to Client Ratios
1 clients to every 1 staff person
Age Range of Clients
22 years to 70 years
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