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Kids Are People School

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Program Name
Adult Access
Agency Office
530 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
Program Type
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Katie Blenk
Job Skills, Job Support, Job Training, Skills Training
Populations Served
Developmental Disability, Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disabilities
Eligibility Requirements
DDS eligibility


Adult Access is a whole life program for 24 young adults with severe special needs. Access All provides young adults with a sense of productivity and accomplishment through activities related to Functional Living Skills. Just as we as adults continue our education all through our life, young adults with special needs deserve the same opportunity. The functional educational program has several components:

1. Social Communication
2. Money Management and Time Telling
3. Functional Literacy
4. Fine Motor and Visual Motor Tasks
5. Meaningful Productivity
Specific tasks are designed with assistive technology and augmentative communication, to provide each young adult an opportunity to be productive. The young adults are always working with a job coach for cuing, redirection, and safety. Currently, the young adults are running an online Gift Shop.

• The participants work creating and designing items for sale including jewelry, t-shirts, bookmarks, cards, herbal teas, art, and cookie jars. This work is done under supervision with job coaches, typical peers, and local area artists.

• The created items are sold on line with a variety of other items created by local designers. Parents and staff can also participate in the sale of items they create with a portion of the proceeds going to Adult Access. Part of the employment for the participants is doing inventory, filling orders to pack and ship, web management, and web design.

• In conjunction with Balloons over Boston the young adults are creating balloon weights for balloon bouquets, packaging balloon bouquets for shipping, designing, and packaging bows as part of a retail business also to be sold on line.

6. Volunteerism
• As part of the program participants give at least two hours per week of service to the community. The placements for volunteerism include Community Servings, reVision Urban Farm, and Kids Are People School. We feel it is important for the participants to give back to the community, which has supported them, and to understand the need for us all to volunteer our time. Some skills learned through volunteering include assembly, packaging and shipping, clerical skills, ordering, stocking, and sales.


Client Information

Staff to Client Ratios
5 clients to every 1 staff person
Age Range of Clients
22 years to 65 years
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